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Scentsbyeme Etsy Retail Stores

Check out my shop and browse around at my items .   Here are just a few items at a sneak peak .

Scentsbyeme IMG_7924-e1508890865369-225x300 Retail Stores



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Retail stores that you can purchase and see my Handcrafted products.

If you are a Local Retail Shop and would like to help me with my products in your store. I would be delighted to talk to you, contact me today.

What a great way to encourage local communities to come together to show Handcrafted products made locally.


Red Barn Country Store

Scentsbyeme Red-Barn-Country-Store-300x66 Retail Stores
16570 SeaShore Hwy
Georgetown, Delaware 19947



Elmers Market

Scentsbyeme elmers-market Retail Stores
13257 SeaShore Hwy
Georgetown, De 19947

Scentsbyeme pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Retail Stores